What is Physie?

Physie (also known as Physical Culture and pronounced 'Fizzy') is the perfect combination of movements designed to increase strength, fitness and flexibility. BJP routines (5 routines for each age group) are tailor made every year by professional choreographers to also develop good posture, attention to detail, coordination and musicality whilst building confidence, self-esteem, sportstmanship, teamwork and discipline.  The syllabus is taught by breaking down the routines into segments for repetition, leading to a seamless routine to modern music which is highly rewarding for dancers of any age.    No previous dance experience is necessary!

Physie is an individual, or synchronised team-based sport that’s social and fun and an excellent low impact dance and aerobic activity.

Although Physie takes focus and dedication, you will be surrounded by happy and enthusiastic people who make keeping fit, a fun and rewarding experience.

It’s a Girl Thing!

Grandmothers, mothers, daughters and grand-daughters, and sisters can all be members of the same Physie club and share their involvement in this unique sport. From ages 3 to 73, Physie is a sport for life. Our club caters to all ages and abilities so Physie is an experience you can share right throughout your life.

Generations of Australian women have cherished the friendships and close-knit bonds that Physie creates. More than a sport, Physie is a welcoming community of fun, healthy, active families.

If you have a little boy who would like to give physie a try, they are more than welcome!



Australians relish sport and they respect winners. The struggle for victory is an essential element of sport.  But even more important than winning is the spirit of sporting competition.  Children and adults enjoy participating in sport, learning new skills and putting them to the test.  Winning is important, but it is not the only reason for competing.

BJP and Westcoast Physie encourages all members and their families to be good sports and have a go.  We aim to ensure that everyone gets a fair go and has fun.  We believe in equity for all of our members and we respect the rights, dignity and worth of everyone.

Our Head Associate

Miss Chloe started Physie at the tender age of 3, in Liverpool NSW where her love for Physie grew immensely. At the age of 7 Chloe was in her first winning team. The 5-7 Year team Placed 1st in the Liverpool Zone A Grade Team Competition. In total, Chloe has been in 3 winning teams, and many placing teams.

When Chloe moved to Perth in 2013 there was one thing missing over here and that was her Physie - which is a hard thing to believe when BjP Physie has been in Australia (the east coast) for over 125 years!  Since Westcoast Physie's inception, Chloe has taught 16 National Representatives, 9 National Semi Finalists, and 4 National Finalists as well as 9 Zone Champions!

Miss Chloe loves nothing more than watching those in her club thrive and grow, in both their physie skills and in their confidence.  She is a smiling and friendly face for all, and each week she is there ready to believe in everyone who walks through her clubs doors.

When Miss Chloe isn't dancing she is a busy Mum, Wife, Colleague and Friend.


Westcoast Physie

Westcoast Physie was established in late 2013, with classes starting in February 2014.  A relatively new club, and one of the first to open here in WA. We pride ourselves on providing affordable classes to girls and ladies of all ages and abilities, in a welcoming and supportive environment.   Westcoast Physie is proudly affiliated with BjP Physie.

Our girls and ladies are guided to achieve their fullest potential, whilst having fun and making friendships that will last a lifetime.

Westcoast Physie is a proud KidSport Approved Club