Westcoast Physical Culture Club Inc.

Terms of registration


As a registered member of Westcoast Physie,  I agree to pay my class fees as agreed, by the due date as stated on my invoice.  If I do not pay this fee, I understand I am not permitted to attend classes at Westcoast Physie until it is paid in full.  Fees are non-refundable.


Payment of BjP registration is required for all students (age 5+).  This is a requirement from BjP Head Office.  As a registered member of Westcoast Physie, I accept and understand that I will pay a fee of $99 to the Bjelke Petersen School of Physical Culture by the end of the first term of classes at Westcoast Physie.  This fee is to be paid directly to the association (BjP) and a link will be provided to me in order to complete this.  If I do not pay this fee, I understand I am not permitted to attend classes at Westcoast Physie until it is paid in full.  As Westcoast Physie is part of the BjP Physical Culture Association, it is their rule that once you register with our club, you cannot compete for any other BjP Club for 12 months (unless genuine change of address) nor can you compete at any BjP Competition if you have left the club.


I have the right to learn the BjP Syllabus, attend class and compete in any individual competitions run by BjP and our Club.  This also applies to Team competitions, provided our club can provide a team in my age/status category.  I also understand that competition is not compulsory and I have the right to choose not to compete if I wish.


Permission to seek medical assistance


Westcoast Physie takes no responsibility for any student or sibling outside their class attendance time on the premises where classes are held.  Please ensure your child/ren are supervised.  Westcoast Physie advocates safe dance practices at all times.  However, we do not take responsibility for injuries which may occur.  I give consent for Westcoast Physie Club to seek medical assistance if required, on behalf of the participant and agree to pay any and all costs associated with that treatment. 


Consent to use images and footage


Images and footage may be taken of the students during class time for teaching purposes, or to be used in the publicity of Westcoast Physie.  This may include, but is not limited to, both public and closed membership social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as print media and use on our website.  Please let us know if you consent to use of images during the registration process.


I agree to respect the teachers decision and expertise in regards to selection of teams and group performances.

I agree to abide by all current BjP and Club Rules

I agree to abide by BjP and Club Code of Conduct.  Click Here  to view BjP Code of Conduct.