2024 Class Fees

2024 Class Fees

At Westcoast Physie, your first class is free, just so you can see what Physie is all about.  You can watch from the sidelines, or join in, it's completely up to you.  If you'd like to continue after this free class, your options are listed below.

Westcoast Physie Trial Pack - $20

We highly recommend our trial pack as our five Physie routines are learned, practiced and perfected over the course of an entire year, so one free class may not give enough insight into what it is really about!  For $20 you will receive two more lessons at your chosen location.  If you love Physie as much as we do, and wish to continue after your trial period, your trial pack fee will be discounted from your first term fees.  If you decide physie is not for you, this $20 fee is non-refundable, and we thank you so much for giving physie a go.

Class Fees 2024

We have provided two options for payment in 2024.  One off payment due by the end of February 2024 or Quarterly payments invoiced to you over the course of the year.  Please email our Treasurer if you have any queries regarding fees.

Yearly Physie Fees – including 2 classes per week and Stretch & Technique class $520 Up front or $130 split quarterly

Yearly Physie Fees (Pre-Schoolers) - $260 Up front or $65 split quarterly


If you're wanting to have your fees split over the course of the year, please choose the QUARTERLY Fee Option on the Registration Page

 *Third and subsequent family members will receive lessons (for members over 5) at 50% discount*

*Classes continue through the school holidays, unless advised otherwise*

*all fees are non-refundable*

BJP Registration Fee

BjP is the national body for Physical Culture who we are affiliated with.  The BjP Registration Fee for 2024 is $99 for the year. For this you receive the music and videos of the routines by digital download and BjP is responsible for providing us with the syllabus we all learn for the year.  Paying this fee is compulsory for all members over the age of 5 and is paid directly to BjP via a link we will provide to you.

This feeis not included in the Class Fees listed above.