Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

You've decided to give Physie a go!

If you are a returning member, please click Returning Member 

Please note: please fill out the dancer's name/date of birth in step 1 of the form.  

If you are a new member, your options for registration are as follows - please click 'New Member' 

Option One: If you would like to attend one free trial class with Westcoast Physie in either Scarborough or Frankland Park (located in Hammond Park), please click 'New Member' and choose the '1 Free Trial Class' as your registration type.

If you would like to try 3 classes, please choose our $20 Trial Pack option.

Option Two: If you know you love physie and you're ready to register with Westcoast Physie as a new member, please select your registration type (either annually or quarterly) from the drop down menu on the registration page.

If you would like your fees split quarterly, please choose the 'Quarterly' option at registration and choose 'pay later' once invoice has been created

If you're having trouble with the registration process, please do not hesitate to contact us.


** Whatever the age of the dancer will be on 31st August of the current year is the age group applicable.  eg. if your child is 4 at the beginning of the year, but is 5 by the 31st August, they will be in the 5 year age group and not pre-schooler.  If your child is 10 at the beginning of the year, but turns 11 on or after the 1st of September, they will be in the 10 year age group.

**The BJP Registration fee of $99 is NOT included on this page.  Once you have registered with Westcoast Physie, you will be emailed a link to pay the BJP Registration Fee  - The BJP Registration fee is not applicable for Pre-School aged dancers.

** If you're registering more than two family members, please email our Treasurer to discuss fee discount prior to web registration of the third family member. This applies to both new and returning members.

See you on the Dance Floor!